Los Angeles TH 1 wins 2012 Western Regionals and qualifies for Nationals

Los Angeles RegionalsLos Angeles TH 1 and Los Angeles TH 2 place first and second at the 2012 Western Regionals and qualify for the 2012 National Championships in Minneapolis.  CalHeat after beating Las Vegas convincibly and loosing clearly against Los Angeles TH 1 fails to beat Los Angeles TH 2 to qualify directly for the Nationals and places only third. See final standings and results below.

San Francisco Calheat : Las Vegas Scorpions 28:15

Los Angeles TH 1 : San Francisco Calheat 24:9

Los Angeles TH 2 : San Francisco Calheat 18:14

Final Standings:

1. Los Angeles TH 1

2. Los Angeles TH 2

3. San Francisco Calheat

4. Las Vegas Scorpions


Who will go there?

Hey all!


We talked about going to LA last Monday. Is anyone else than me interested to go there?

I think this would be a lot of fun and a good possibility to challenge other teams and experience some real handball, not only practice :)


Just give me some comments on that and see you tonight!




LA Western Regionales

I'm gladly joining (Stefan - Golie)