California Cup

Fremont, CA – January 29th

Sunday delivered its share of thrills! The day started off with the Men’s division 5-6th placement game, which Team Alberta Junior won against our neighbors Los Angeles THC. Vancouver HC and Army West Point started off the Women’s game of the day, with the latter winning. Men’s semi-finals saw SF CalHeat 1 defeat Army West Point Black, and Houston Firehawks defeat Chicago Inter HC in high intensity games. The Women’s division then closed with its last 2 games: Team Alberta Junior won against Army West Point and secured the 1st place overall. SF CalHeat and Chicago Inter HC were then to settle the final ranking in a game that summarizes the overall level in the division. It was intense, skillful, passionate, and great to watch!

Following these high-level games, we  had organized a Youth Team Handball exhibition game, with two all star teams built from the rosters of the two finalists of the very 1st edition of the Youth California Cup, Sterne School and Lycée Français de San Francisco. We were very proud to showcase how much progress they made with the youth team handball league, which was comprising along with these schools Stanbridge Academy and Bayhill High School, and we are eager to get back to work with them next year and to hopefully extend the league!

There were two games left to be played to decide of the final ranking in the Men’s division. The bronze medal game saw Army West Point Black win over Chicago Inter HC in a nail-biting game. The final saw SF CalHeat 1 battle Houston Firehawks in an intense and thrilling game. In the end, Houston Firehawks, newcomers to the tournament, won the gold.

This 11th edition of the California Cup was a great success for many reasons, and we want to emphasize that the level of the games was even greater than we had hoped for. Men’s and Women’s teams were great ambassadors for the sport of Team Handball, and we were thrilled to get a lot of feedbacks and interest from all over the world thanks to our live streaming support. We would like to thank all the players, coaches, families & fans who cheered everyone, and of course, our volunteers, who helped making our California Cup a big success!

We hope to see you all again next year!



Fremont, CA – January, 28th

Saturday games are over! What a day! Round-robin ended for the Men’s division, with SF CalHeat 1, Chicago Inter HC, Houston Firehawks and Army West Point Black advancing to the semi-finals, while Team Alberta Junior and Los Angeles THC will play the 5-6th placement game. Vancouver HC takes home the 7th place while SF CalHeat 2 finishes at the 8th. The Women’s division strongly showed that the teams present are forces to be reckoned with, with Team Alberta Junior, SF CalHeat, Chicago Inter HC, Army West Point and Vancouver HC respectively placed 1st through 5th before Sunday’s games.

Fremont, CA – January 27th

Friday games are over, we were thrilled to watch some very close games in which all players demonstrated the extent of their skills. Results in both women’s and men’s divisions are as follow: