California Cup XII – Day 1

You were all waiting for this tournament, which has become an institution on the West Coast. And so were we! We started the evening games in Centerville Junior High School gym with a strong display of skills between Army West Point and San Francisco CalHeat in the women’s division, group B, which turned in favor of the locals. The second game was the official start for the men’s division and it’s round robin. San Francisco CalHeat 2 battled Alberta U19 in a fast pace & high intensity game, the latter winning and collecting their first points. Back to the women’s division, in group A, San Francisco CalHeat Smurfs made quite an impression while taking on Chicago Inter HC, but the win was for the visiting team. Then, we saw a similar face off in the men’s division with San Francisco CalHeat 1 eager for some revenge against the winners of the Texas Cup. The game delivered its share of thrills and contacts, and Chicago took their first points in that division. Last game of the day, San Francisco Calheat 2 valiantly fought Houston Firehawks in a really tight game that got the supporters from both teams glued to the bleachers. In the end, Houston Firehawks scored their first victory, but one thing for sure, both men’s and women’s divisions are composed of very strong competitors.

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You can find the pictures of this first day of competition here!