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Did you know…?

The California Cup will be celebrating its 12th anniversary in January 2018. San Francisco CalHeat is very proud to have been organizing a yearly tournament of quality for all these years, and we are looking forward to keeping this tradition alive.

We have been hosting a number of teams, coming from the continental US, Japan, Mexico and Canada, and have put efforts in developing the women’s division alongside with the men’s in order to provide our very motivated players with great games opportunities.

We have put together photo albums of the previous editions, and if you have in your possession some pictures from the early editions, please do not hesitate and share them with us! Meanwhile, you should enjoy seeing some familiar faces through the years by clicking on the links below.

2017: Photos, Tournament Page

2016: Photos

2015: Photos

2014: Photos

2013: Photos

2012: Photos

2011: Photos