IOC vote opens gates for youth development in the US

The International Olympic Committee on Tuesday voted in favor of awarding the hosting rights for the 2024 and 2028 Olympic Games at the same session in September, pending agreements with Paris and Los Angeles. Why is this news so exiting for USA Team Handball?

The USA have failed to qualify for the Olympic Games since their last participation in 1996 in Atlanta. In order to qualify the USA has to place among the best teams at the Pan American Championships or World Championships in the years before the Olympic Games. However every Olympic Games’ host country automatically qualifies for their games.

Tuesday’s decision paved the way for Los Angeles to become host of the Olympics in either 2024 or 2028. 

“We’re thrilled with the IOC’s decision today, which is a major step forward in making LA’s Olympic dream a reality” the LA2024 committee said in a statement.

Although the latest results of US teams in international competitions show the country’s progress, the national teams still have a long way to go in comparison to the Pan American champions from Brazil.

This news arrives just as San Francisco CalHeat’s youth program is picking up speed.

Last year the northern Californian club successfully started a team handball youth league for high schools. This year the club is busy expanding the league by adding more teams to the high school pool and a newly formed league for middle schools.

“The kids we coach today, can become the Olympians of the 2024 or 2028 games” says Martin Bilello, head of the youth development for SF CalHeat.

CalHeat’s program is one of a few youth programs across the US investing time and resources into increasing the pool of USA national team players.

If you are a player interested in trying out for the sport or a school interested in joining the league, please contact us via

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