Volunteer Opportunities
San Francisco CalHeat THC is seeking talented individuals to join its team and help further its mission to develop, promote, educate and grow the Olympic sport of Team Handball,
making it accessible to everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area, and emphasizing the ideals of fair-play, cooperation, responsibility and respect. 

Much of what SF CalHeat accomplishes is a result of volunteers and civic support. If you would like to volunteer please read about the department descriptions and contact us at

Webmaster to maintain the website up-to-date (scores, league tables, etc.), and generate and revise web pages. This should only require a few hours per month and minimal software skills. In the long-term, we would like that person to help us provide recommendations on website design and optimization.

Web Content Writer to write and help coordinate publications on our website (together with the webmaster). This role sits under the PR committee and will require the individual to post 2-3 articles per month at most. As you can imagine, we want to publish more frequently and further raise the awareness of our activities and achievements. If you’re good at writing, let us know.

University Comms/Outreach Lead to help us increase our club’s awareness at educational institutions (colleges / universities), attract talents and eventually help to set up handball programs. We have noticed we still lack awareness around college campuses and we might be missing on some seasoned players, respectively talented prospects. This role also sits under the PR committee and will require the individual to be a self starter (e.g. design posters/flyers, distribute them to the players or hang them at universities, etc.). The club is willing to support travel cost (gas, tolls, mileage).

Chair of the Merchandising Committee to define and lead our merchandising activities moving forward. In the past 12 months, our activities related to merchandising have been increasing and we would like to have a designated person come up with new ideas, strategies and actions to provide the club with a brand new angle to generate revenue. No specific requirements needed. if you’re passionate about it, reach out to us.

Volunteering Lead to help us define our volunteering needs, as well as coordinate and track volunteering activities at SF Calheat. This person would at first work closely with the board to put together a volunteer action plan and vision and implement that said plan. This role does not require any particular skills, though we would expect that person to be self-motivated and good at planning.