No Referee, no game!

One of the least favorite but most important roles an individual can have in a team handball match is the role of the referee. It requires teamwork, communication and decision making skills. SF CalHeat is supporting the development and certification of USATH Referees and is working closely with the National Referee Committee to facilitate clinics and workshops.

The next clinic and certification will be held on November 5th. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

Rules of the Game (IHF)

Find the complete collection of the most recent rules for indoor and beach handball published by the IHF.

Refereeing Tips and Tricks

The Tips & Tricks Materials for referees were created by former IHF referee Tugomir “Butso” Anusic and current chair of the USATH National Referee Committee and are a great source for everyone who wants to become a handball referee. 

USATH Match Report 

In the match report the secretary of the game keeps track of the game score, penalties and disqualification per team.

2 Minute Suspension Card

The 2 minute penalty card displays the team, player number and time of re-entry for a player that has been given a 2 minute suspension.