Teaching Resources

This page aims to provide everyone who wants to get started with handball with the resources they need to start.

Team Handball for Schools

Information for how to teach Team Handball at the Middle School level.

International Handball Federation (IHF) Teaching Materials

The International Handball Federation (IHF) is the administrative and controlling body for handball, beach handball, wheelchair handball and snow handball. Their program ‘Handball at School’ is one of the best resources for schools and young athletes to learn the sport.

Handball Academy YouTube Channel

The Handball Academy (THA) is the home of Handball training videos. Over 500 Handball training exercises, brilliantly filtered by age, category, delivery style, and so on!

Rules of the Game (IHF)

Find the complete collection of the most recent rules for indoor and beach handball published by the IHF.

Refereeing and Game Materials

Find match report cards to print out and other extensive materials on how to become a referee. 

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