Texas Cup 2018: Time for the Rodeo

On Dec 1-2, SF CalHeat will participate in the second edition of the Texas Cup in Dallas. The tournament will be the opportunity to bring back a title that the men’s first team missed by a few in a thrilling 2017 final against Chicago Inter. Despite the absence of Florian Schoebinger (professional reasons), the team has prepared diligently to reach this objective, and is ready for the task. “After the win in Chicago, everyone’s expectations are high. But, everyone is also aware that only hard work will get us where we want to be” – says the team’s head coach Danilo Rojevic. The Texas Cup will bring a good blend of competition from all around the country. Beyond the co-organizers, Dallas THC & Houston Firehawks, the event will gather Chicago Inter (defending champion), US Air Force Academy, Texas A&M, Knight Air and a second team of Houston Firehawks.

The big novelty of this year’s edition is the addition of a smaller scale women’s game series between Houston Firehawks and San Francisco CalHeat. These now two big rivals will face up four (4) times to determine the first Texas champion. These match ups are also the opportunity to promote women’s handball in the South, and hopefully help put in place a real tournament in the years to come. “We’re investing in the development of the sport, and supporting our friends from Texas. For Handball to develop in the country we need all regions committed to its expansion and it was clear from the start that we would come to root this event officially” – says player Michelle Mensing. These series will also bring some new flavor to the table, as it will be the first official match of SF CalHeat women’s head coach, Kristina Alavanja, former professional player in Serbia. The future is bright. Stay tuned…

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