2019 Bay Area Youth Handball League

In its fourth edition, our Bay Area Youth Handball League is winding down and only 9 games are left to play.

Make sure to follow the action and check out the schedule: High School and Middle School.

It is clear by now that on the Middle School side, Bret Harte and Castillero has had a dominant season and would most likely be playing for the trophy at the upcoming Youth California Cup. Sterne School, SFTH, Castillero’s second team and recently joined Centerville/CalHeat will be battling it out for the Bronze medal. But we can’t be sure until they go out and play.



On the High School side, there is going to be a hard fought battle between Leland Chargers, Sterne School, and SFTH for the trophy. All three teams has been showcasing strong defenses and experienced players on their rosters and are going to be fierce competitors during the Youth California Cup. Pioneer Mustangs and SF CalHeat Youth are going to try to generate some upsets and hopefully find their way into the podium.


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