Attracting the next generation of coaches

Pushing the sport of team handball is team work and your team should never be limited to members of your own club. We were very delighted when SF CalHeat was approached by a motivated teacher in January, who needed support as he wanted to present the sport of team handball at a conference. Read about his experience here:

Leo and I (Peter) presented on Team Handball at the annual state conference held in downtown Oakland the weekend of Feb 22nd. We were two out of around 200 professionals in the field of Physical Education, Health, and Dance at the CAHPERD 2018 conference. We went over the basic rules for playing and also ran some basic drills of passing and shooting drills before having the participants play in a game of 8 v 8. We went over modifications for the game such as modified balls, rules, and goals for playing team handball. We had over 20 professionals participating and we got good feedback saying that they enjoyed the drills and are excited to teach it at their games. We were also able to let them know about SF CalHeat Team Handball in Fremont, CA and how they encourage schools to start Team Handballs in helping students develop skills and play Team Handball in a friendly environment. We mentioned that it is an Olympic sport and that it is a growing sport in the United States. It was fun to present to other professionals the game of Team Handball. – Peter Bascom & Leo Schneid

What can we learn from Peter and Leo?
  • Target teaching conferences in your area if you want to spread the knowledge of the sport. 
  • Don’t limit yourself just because you have no gym available! To get to know the sport modifications of court size, amount of players or physical contact are important tools.
  • Get in contact with your closest team handball clubs and don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.


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