Calling all U.S. athletes: Handball needs you

Martin Rogers from USA TODAY Sports makes the calling we keep doing every year. This is a public service announcement aimed at any college basketball player, soccer goalkeeper, lacrosse player, football recruit (skill positions preferred), water polo junkie, wrestler or women’s softball exponent. If you’re watching the Rio Olympics and wish you were taking part, but […]

New Handball Rules in Rio 2016

Our friend John Ryan from Team Handball News is joined on his podcast by Christer Ahl to discuss the recent rule changes implemented by the IHF that are being used at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Follow the links for the two parts of the discussion: Podcast: New Handball Rules (Part 1) Podcast: New Handball Rules […]

Handball according to The Ringer

Micah Peters, Staff writer for The Ringer gives his impression of Olympic Handball: OK, so, handball is essentially an amalgam of every team sport there is, and it’s awesome. There are faint undertones and flagrant overtones of everything from basketball to football to American football to lacrosse, and a lot of things in between. Floor-spreading, […]

We are going to Nationals 2016!

Our Men’s and Women’s teams are preparing to travel to the 2016 USATH Open Championships. Our players will be traveling on Wednesday and Thursday to York, PA for this year edition.…/2016/May/13/2016-National-Champion… Women’s team selection – Players: Agustina A., Constance D., Giulia G., Isabella D., Jessica W., Kathrine A., Laura S., Mari Carmen M., Michelle […]