CalHeat Shows Team Handball to Santa Clara School District

On Monday, October 17th, several members of CalHeat participated on a Team Handball workshop aimed at showing the sport to Physical Education Teachers from the Santa Clara Unified School District. The attendance was of more than 30 and every one of them was excited about learning a new sport to teach their students. Some of them came with knowledge of the sport from their College classes, and some from watching the Olympics.




After an overview presentation and an instructional video, CalHeat volunteers directed the attendees on how to properly pass and catch the handball, making use of the 3 steps allowed. A couple of lead-up games were played, giving the teachers tools to use on their classes. Of course their natural competitive nature came afloat and the games were played with intensity.

After a necessary break, the instruction continued with more complex coordination drills for the attack and shooting to goal, followed by the proper way of dribbling in Team Handball. To finish it up with a full court match, where the intensity grew again and some acrobatic goals were scored.




The experience was a pleasure for the CalHeat volunteers and the attendees were very thankful for having the opportunity of learning the ins and outs of a new sport, and could not wait to show the game to their students.

CalHeat’s mission is to develop the sport of Team Handball in the Bay Area, and as such takes part on workshops and clinics across the region, partnering with schools, sport organizations, and community centers. If you want to have CalHeat bring an event to your school or neighborhood, please contact us at our e-mail and we’ll coordinate with you.

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