First Youth California Cup on November 5th 2016

For the first time ever, San Francisco CalHeat Team Handball Club will be hosting the Youth California Cup on November 5th at the traditional Centerville Junior High Gym. The excitement for the event can be felt throughout the team handball community as it signifies the growing of the sport, not only in the bay area, but nationwide.

The schools participating in this inaugural season are Sterne School, Stanbridge Academy, Bayhill High School, and Lycée Français de San Francisco. They have been competing against each other during the fall, and look to find out who the best team is. This year they started to play this fast-paced and thrilling game that caught them by surprise, and engaged not only them, but also the player’s families, which can be seen and heard cheering for their players very loudly and in traditional form. Maybe we would be able to even see a school mascot show up at the event.

Make sure you schedule the Facebook Event:

2:00 pm – Bayhill vs Lycée
2:50 pm – Sterne vs Stanbridge
3:40 pm – Sterne vs Bayhill
4:30 pm – Stanbridge vs Lycée
5:20 pm – Stanbridge vs Bayhill
6:10 pm – Sterne vs Lycée
7:00 pm – Closing Ceremony

For more information about the Youth California Cup, the Bay Area League, or how to create a team and join, please go to our Youth Team Handball section.

We look forward to welcome everyone at Centerville Junior High School Gym, 37772 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94536.

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