Youth Team Handball

SF CalHeat’s mission is to develop, promote, educate and grow the Olympic sport of Team Handball, making it accessible to everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area, and emphasizing the ideals of fair-play, cooperation, responsibility and respect.

The SF CalHeat Youth Team Handball Program started in 2016 and included the first Bay Area Team Handball High School League and the first Youth California Cup in the fall. In 2017 we expanded the league and the California Cup to Middle Schools.

The mission of the SF CalHeat Youth Team Handball Program is to promote the sport of Team Handball at schools across the SF Bay Area, facilitate the growth of the pool of athletes and coaches for the U.S., and share best practices on how to grow the sport in the entire country.

School Engagement

SF CalHeat is running free showcases and teaching clinics at schools across the Bay Area. Interested schools can contact us and we will make sure to answer their questions on how to get started with Team Handball.


Catch up on the latest news around youth team handball in the Bay Area and the U.S. Follow youth players on their journey to first international tournaments and how they got in touch with the sport.

Youth Team Handball League

SF CalHeat is hosting its annual Youth Team Handball League in the fall. As of 2017 Middle Schools and High Schools can register to be a part of the league and will have the chance to compete against other schools. CalHeat members will facilitate the games by providing coaches for the schools, referees and game plans. If you have questions on how to register or other concerns regarding the league, please contact us.

Youth California Cup

The Youth California Cup marks the finals of the Youth Team Handball League. Separated by Middle School and High School the teams and the SF CalHeat Youth Team will compete on the only fully marked permanent Team Handball court on the west coast in Fremont, CA.

SF CalHeat Youth Team

As of 2017 SF CalHeat will build a youth team. Students from 6th to 12th grade will practice Thursdays at Centerville Junior High School and compete in the Youth California Cup.

Teaching Resources

We will publish help guides on how to get started with Team Handball at schools as well as other helpful links and materials from the IHF or USATH.

We are thankful for the support of the US Team Handball Foundation