Interview with Michelle Mensing

Under normal circumstances, this time of the year would coincide with the start of our summer activities, including our small but growing beach handball program. To celebrate those initiatives, we’ve met with one of our key contributors and member of the club, Michelle Mensing. What’s your name, age, position, and role in the team/club? Hi, […]

The US handball season before COVID-19

February 23. The sun shines through the desert. Arizona prepares to welcome a hot summer. The Valley of the Sun tournament concludes. Our men’s team is packing and heading to the airport, on their way back to the Bay Area. 3 weeks later, our lives suddenly changed… In many ways, the 2019/20 season was anything […]

Interview with Tina Alavanja

We’re back with our monthly interviews and, this time, we will take a moment to hear from our women’s team head coach, Kristina (a.k.a Tina) Alavanja who has been leading our women’s team handball program for more than a year. What’s your name, age, role in the club, and where do you come from? I’m […]

Hat-trick in Phoenix?

It’s that time of the year again! Our men’s team will be competing this weekend at the 7th annual Valley of the Sun tournament in Phoenix, AZ. Historically, our team has always performed well in Arizona. In the last two years, our first team won the tournament undefeated and will try to lift the trophy […]

20 years, … and counting!

This season marks the 20th anniversary of two major figures of our club. With our California Cup only a couple days away, we discussed the past, present and future of Calheat with them. What’s your name, age, and role in the club? [Bernward]: Bernward, 51, currently President of San Francisco CalHeat [Jean-Marc]: Jean-marc, 51, Vice-President […]